ALERT LEVEL 3 Procedure: orders need to be in by the scheduled cut-off time.

  1. FOR PICK UPS– Please arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled time to ensure that your orders are fresh and ready and there will be no overlapping between pick-up customers. Please let us know that you have arrived (please provide your name as in order) by texting us on 021 055 0453 and we will inform you when your order is ready. All orders will be placed at a decontaminated and disinfected pick up spot. Hand sanitisers will also be provided for your safety and convenience on site. You need to let us know if you are going to be late to ensure that we account for customers who might also be arriving at the same time.
  2. FOR DELIVERIES:– We will text/call you once your orders are dispatched from our registered kitchens. Please have chilly bins/polystyrene/waterproofed cardboard boxes/ plastic containers ready at your doorstep or gate and kindly label them as “LUNTIAN” or “VC”. This will be your assigned safe drop off point at your place. We ask that you please disinfect these before putting them outside for everyone’s safety. You need to let us know where is the exact location of this drop off point at your address (e.g. front doorstep, driveway entrance etc). Our driver is equipped with PPEs including masks, hairnets and gloves and always have hand sanitisers and disposable wipes on hand in the car. Once the driver arrives, they will text/call you to advise that the parcel has been dropped and will also send you photo evidence. Please make sure that the drop off containers for delivery are secured from the weather and we strongly recommend these to be watertight in case it rains (best to have them under a sheltered area of your house).
  • Minimum order required for delivery is $40. Delivery fees / surcharges apply.
  • FREE DELIVERY for all orders above $100.00 (excluding our Mothers’ Day Package)
  • We do not ship or deliver outside Auckland and also due to the nature of our operations, we cannot deliver to suburbs outside of the list specified above.
  • REFUNDS & CANCELLATIONS:due to the nature of our products, services and operations — we cannot issue any refunds or cancellations on any orders confirmed and purchased. All items sold are final. We will only accommodate re-schedule of pick-ups and deliveries. Thank you for your understanding.
  • Luntian and Vegan Comfort will not incur any liability for any cancelled on unfulfilled services due to circumstances and situations beyond our control, and in particular but without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, by act of fire, flood, natural calamities, subsidence, sabotage, accidents, strikes, lockouts, government lockdowns and any similar situation. We will not be liable for any loss or damage to the customer resulting from any of these mentioned.